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Unless you’re Elon Musk, aka the world’s richest human, you’re gonna need to get on board with the fact that social media is an essential ingredient in growing your business.

Whether you love it or hate it, digital marketing is here to stay.  

There is an insane amount of information out there promoting a thousand different ways you should be utilizing social media.  MJ and Jennifer understand that heavy feeling of overwhelm.

Listen as they drop their tried and true tips to help you show up online as your best self. These two never give advice that isn’t based on the wisdom of their own experiences. 

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Don’t Miss Out On This Advice:

  • 20:01 You need a strategy
  • 14:04  Do things that are aligned
  • 9:04  It’s not always about the numbers
  • 25:09  Social media as a tool
  • 42:13 There’s no shame in getting help

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