A Life by You

Shift Your Mindset,
Move Your World

We want to start a movement. 

Of community and connection.

Of inspirational, motivational and thought-provoking conversations that will improve, enhance and uplift your mindset so that you can live an authentic and abundant life on your own terms. 

Meet you where you are and hold out our hands for you to hold onto.

Especially when you feel unseen and unheard.

Inclusivity is our thing.  

This is why our deepest desire is to create a community that recognizes and appreciates the inequality faced by our brown, black, and indigenous sisters.

We are women of color who know what it’s like to grow up without money. To strive for an education and to push harder against the corporate glass ceiling than others had to.   

Broken and blended families are familiar to us. We have navigated infertility, young motherhood, and late-in-life families.

By sharing our own stories of resilience and hard-earned wisdom our mission is to empower, inspire and teach you to live a life of intention, purpose and joy.

We want to show you how to become your highest self. 

By changing your mind.

The Universe decided we should be friends...


A Northern -Californian-native, multi-passionate entrepreneur, lifestyle creator, loving mother & grandmother, and not shy to say, fabulous wife.  

Yoga is her passion. It’s Jennifer’s favorite way to relieve stress and re-centre myself. When she moved to Las Vegas, she noticed a gaping hole in the wellness space.
 And voila! Obsidian Yoga was born.  

Her mission is simple: to create a sacred and intimate place to deliver the ultimate transformative yoga experience.
Jennifer runs multiple businesses, but her heart beats fastest for her personal brand, Grey and Glowing. By embracing her grey & her natural self she hopes to inspire others to do the same. Her message to all women is that they deserve to have their wildest dreams imagined.

LOVES: A Good Margarita (not too much sweet + Sour), Neutral Colors, & Her fellow Silver hair sisters


...and then there's


Legally Mallory Hank-Johnson, but most people know her as motherhood and lifestyle influencer MJ of LifebyMJ.com.

She lives in the amazing city of Las Vegas, NV with her wonderful husband, Zell. They have three children: Shyanne, Jason, & Lucky.

Her mission is simple: to create a sacred and intimate place to deliver the ultimate transformative yoga experience.
MJ quit her job to become a full-time entrepreneur and thanks to her influencer experience and former job experience she landed a lucrative position in NFT/cryptocurrency as a project manager. She's a digital storyteller, creator and mother and a stunning example that you can still stay true to yourself while showing up.
MJ loves the same stuff many other people do: beauty, fashion, travelling, and food. But her biggest obsession (if you can’t already tell) is hair - specifically curly hair. It’s become a big part of who she is and probably always will be a first love.

LOVES: Trying new recipes in the kitchen, Her daughter's Laugh, a Glass of chardonnay, & Relaxing on the beach w/ sand between her toes


our storyline

A Life by You...


She came into MJ’s life as a client, who wanted to bring her passion project, Grey & Glowing, to life. 


started out as a podcast hosted solely by MJ who interviewed other content creators, entrepreneurs and career-driven individuals who had taken leaps to achieve an abundant life.

By highlighting their journeys MJ hoped to motivate others to do the same.

And then there was Jennifer...

MJ and Jennifer’s work together sparked a genuine friendship


When Jennifer expressed an interest to become more connected to her community, it was obvious to MJ. She invited her to join the podcast as a co-host. 

They spent hours discussing all things spirituality, wellness, self-care, self-love, manifestation and abundance.  

And they both came to the startling realization that everything - We mean EVERYTHING - came down to mindset.

And the rest is history…
or the universe, right?

We’ll always keep it real

Developing a healthy mindset isn’t a one-and-done type of goal.

But if you stay committed to doing the continuous work you’ll see your life will transform before your eyes.

Your mind grows, transforms and pivots right along with you. Life isn’t stagnant and neither is your thinking.

That’s why we will never offer you a one-size-fits-all, time-dependent or all-in-one solution.  

Because there is none.

We want to support you.

Let's Make your daydream a Reality

That’s why we’re taking this podcast beyond conversation and providing you with IG lives, workshops and retreats for continued assistance in your transformation process.



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