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Creating engaging captions that elevate your online presence can be tricky. Over the last few years, I’ve learned how to draw my audience in with long-form captions and it’s really helped boost my visibility. If you have ever struggled with creating an Instagram caption, I’m sharing tips with you in today’s episode and if you’ve ever wondered how to connect with your audience through captions then push play now. Visit for more!

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Quotes Worth Listening To

  • I write really long captions…I have a lot to say (0:42)
  • The average caption has doubled in size since 2016 (1:19) 
  • There are different methods you can use to create long-form captions – 2:54 
  • She’s seen her following increase significantly since she started doing this consistently (long-form captions) – 3:49
  • When you create a story in terms of a brand collaboration, it feels even more authentic  (4:14) 
  • Building connections convert to engagement or even a sale(4:39)
  • What every post should have – 8:10 

Links mentioned in this episode: 

Birds Of Papaya (3:03) 

Quigley Goode (5:52) 

Facebook Creator (7:31) 

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