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We're MJ & Jennifer

Is it just us or did the start of 2022 just fly by? Summer will be here before you know it!

Now is the perfect time for ambitious entrepreneurs to dig deep and do a little self-reflection and future-gazing. Being intentional about your big goals and grand visions is how success happens.

How Things Went In 2021

Jennifer and I (MJ) had big wins and learned important lessons last year. I thought it was awesome to share them with you. With all transparency. Our goal is to help and inspire other high-achieving ambitious women like you.

Let’s Hear From Jennifer

GreyandGlowing: 2021 has been a great year for Grey and Glowing. Followers grew and I got my first paid brand deal thanks to MJ’s out-of-this-world pitch advice. When I started Grey and Glowing, my ambition was to inspire women to believe that they really can have it all and age wasn’t a barrier. I wanted them to have a sneak peek into a luxurious lifestyle with all the bells and whistles. The true American dream.

When I took a step back though, I worried that women (especially younger women) were getting caught up with materialistic pursuits. Exoctic trips, fancy cars, and big houses are possible but I desire to focus more on intangible things like happiness, peace, alignment, and positivity. In other words, living with intention. It’s time to brush more than the surface. To bring new depth and values to my content and messaging.  

Obsidian – A Brick & Mortar

I am beyond thrilled to announce that I have opened an in-real-life yoga studio – Obsidian.

This boutique yoga studio is different from doing yoga at the gym. It’s more like an oasis. A sacred space where you can learn to breathe, quiet your mind and become more attuned.

I have always had a love for yoga and have been doing it off and on for 10 years. I dreamed of becoming a yoga instructor (and plan to make that happen) so this endeavour brings me a lot of joy. I am all about wellness, wholeness, and staying healthy mentally and physically.

I truly believe intentional movement is soothing especially during these crazy times in our world that have caused such disruption and stress in our lives.

Obsidian offers zoom classes, Chaka clearing workshops, breathing classes, martial arts, and some other interesting things. We have a little something for everyone. If you’re in northwest Las Vegas come and check it out.

What’s MJ Been Up To? 

New Horizons

Yippee! I quit my job last year. The catalyst was a spiritual awakening that led me on a self-awareness journey and shifted everything for me. I am excited and proud to have built a sustainable business but I knew I didn’t feel aligned. I’m just gonna be honest about it. I had achieved success with a white male’s business model complete with all the hustle of toxic work culture.

Things changed when I discovered and embraced what’s called positively quitting which meant putting a stop to doing things that didn’t feel right. I started saying no to all kinds of opportunities.  

When I truly followed my heart and altered my perspective things started opening up for me. I am attracting amazing opportunities that I wasn’t even looking for and my direction has shifted.

I’ve decided to do things that are aligned with my values, visions, and spirit. By doubling down on my abundance mindset, I understood that I want to go back to sharing more lifestyle content again. I’m resetting the whole foundation of LIfe by MJ. Not trying to do a full overhaul. But more of a rebirth.

You learn and grow so much when you journey down the road of self-employment.

Burnout Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

I saw a quote that says something to the effect of burnout is a gift. I embraced that because it’s something I went through this year. Burnout is a sign that you are out of alignment. Most people look at it negatively, but it offers a powerful message.

It’s your body and mind’s way of telling you, okay, we gotta get back to our purpose and/or to our why. As weird as it sounds I’m thankful for it. I feel like last year I recognized the burnout and understood that it was my creation. I have the opportunity to reconcile it and get back into my flow. 

I’ll always keep creating and that means that at times I will have to take a step back and reevaluate. I might have to pivot and create something completely new. That’s the cycle and it’s normal and okay.

What’s Coming Up For MJ & Jennifer?

We’re collaborating y’all. And we are planning something truly life-changing.

Our goal? To help as many women as possible…

By offering small, intimate, one-on-one groups, retreats, and business workshops that will give women step-by-step directions on how to follow their dreams and live a life they desire by design.

It’s going to be a movement.  

Our dream is to help all women, for sure, but we want to be a beacon of hope for women of color, because we are women of color, and we know the struggles.  

More emphasis on and support for mental health and wellness is so needed right now, especially in the black community where seeking help isn’t widely accepted.

MJ and I (Jennifer) come from a similar mindset but we have taken two different paths to arrive at this place of abundance and financial freedom. We believe sharing our experience and expertise will help aspiring women in a way we think they will appreciate and understand.

Being soul-driven, inspirational, and affordable mentors to women who need help as they strive for their goals is our calling.

Enough about us! Let us know in the comments what your biggest goal is for 2022. Maybe we can help.

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