Love Yourself First By Practicing Self-Care


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Two blessed Mamas, entrepreneurial mavens, heart-centred creators, ultimate manifestors, ever-evolving mindset champions and glorious women of color striving to inspire a movement. Learn more about us...

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We're MJ & Jennifer

Loving yourself first is more than a trendy catchphrase.  Sourcing love from within means you never have to rely on outside circumstances or people to experience happiness. Self-love is never selfish…and it’s more than a trip to the spa.  LIsten as MJ and Jennifer have a raw conversation about how they made the not-so-easy shift towards cultivating a mindset of self-regard. They’ll also share proven tips for you to use in developing a deeper, more meaningful relationship with yourself.  Learn how to: build your foundation, appreciate your own company, refuse to settle, clean up your self-talk, practice mindful movement, and so much more!

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Important Points You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • 1:00: Building a strong foundation
  • 1:45: Appreciating your own company
  • 1:59: No settling
  • 11:16: Doing a self-check
  • 12:55: Cleaning up your self-talk
  • 18:32: Taking accountability & Ownership
  • 20:20: Deciding what it is you really believe

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