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I love being an influencer and entrepreneur! But I realize that a lot of my experiences differ from others in this space because I’m black. I’ve learned a lot on this journey and felt it was time to share my thoughts and lessons on being a black influencer. Tune in to hear me unpack my experiences on being black in this space. This is not a full representation of all black influencers, but it is my experience, so I encourage you to lean in and digest this episode. 


Points Worth Listening To:

  • Being black is not one dimensional. (2:08)
  • Statistics on the wealth gap (3:33) 
  • “It’s so difficult…knowing you’re doing the work that your peers are doing and you’re getting paid less.” (4:51) 
  • Black influencers are not given the same opportunities with campaigns. (7:57) 
  • “Although I felt uncomfortable, I kept showing up.” (12:41) 
  • What helped me stand out as an influencer. (12:57)
  • How I learned from my non-black counterparts to put up boundaries and demand, respect from these brands. (16:54) 
  • “Sometimes I’m blown away at where I am in terms of being a black influencer and entrepreneur.” (21:27) 
  • “You can put yourself out there, you can create content, and still stand up for what you believe in.” (21:58)


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Final Thoughts: 

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